Beach Buddies: Ace, April 14th

Friday, April 14th

Today Kenny met with Carol Caridad, Excutive Director of Paws 4 You, with Ace!

Ace is an adorable basset terrier blend. He was found tied to a bench at the Paws 4 You boarding retreat. 

Ace is a bundle of joy and hopes to find his forever family to share his life with. He promises...You won't be disappointed!

View adoptable dogs and apply to adopt at!



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Two point seven a beach every Friday we do it beach buddies and right about this time we try to find a home for a dog or cat today we're trying to find a home for ace. He is adorable. Carroll is with us from pause for you were rescued Carroll this guys. This guy is they hit the building yeah he wants to party he's ready. He wants to cut he wants to be loved it perfect for family. Is he definitely if you've got lots of energy and all he wants to do is kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss and cuddle cut off Kyle he's a lot like Gabby or producer she's very similar to. Kara give us a quick description event. So we like the holidays are an old terrier bland you don't have we like to call them in south Florida Keys in my gag he had loveable mine a lovable line and he's black what a little bit why aren't as fast and so sometimes black dogs are a little bit more difficult to place that are here breed. Our white fluffy dogs but this stock has gotten so much energy is so much love to offer our PE is just about five months old and he's just a bundle of joy I don't think he's going against a much bigger idea right now is probably about. When he pounds at about fifteen pounds and come right now on a few more pounds and on he's just looking for a great house. I'm Carol joining us right now to help us find a home for peace is our friend Christy from Christie's critters they handle all this force and Christie whose dog is a doll we got to find a home. Are out and he'd been spectacular. Yes that's our decline in a moment for example I always carry out red dot state court. Curtains are deep threat that could be better led by. Well I'll pound there aren't so obvious what is that Graham and Twitter there did to reach out and ate them all to see those that hurt. I have no problem we're gonna get home from this morning he is absolutely gorgeous. Percy have a great we get it thanks for all your help is always. Well thank you penny you wrap.