Beach Buddies - Adam - March 17th

Friday, March 17th

This morning Kenny met our Beach Buddy this week, Adam! He is a 1 year old, 6 pound chihuahua. Adam was rescued on his "last day" from a rural shelter in Polk County. He came to Animal Aid with the bottom half of his leg severed. Since the top portion is in perfect condition, they didn't see the need to amputate. So, they are raising money now to buy him a prosthetic foot. This will give Adam full use of his leg, so he can live a normal life. They found a company that makes them in Canada, but they are $1,000. We are raising money for his new foot. So far we have $100.

His crowd funding link is:


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The only 1024. We're seven beach every Friday we try to find a home for dog or cat or any animal so let's get right into joining us our good friend Christy from Christie's critters. Happy Saint Patrick's Day aren't you aren't going your fantastic Greer Tamara from animal aid. They do this amazing job there Oakland park. Animal dash. And we have a special project today America. Yes we did it's it's not everyday you come in with a three and a half legged dog if this is adamant and it is this weasel Chua however. He was taken in by by Tamara and the crew and animal laid on his last day. Literally his last day so he's got a little issue he lost a chunk of as one of his legs and we try to get him some help a prosthetic leg right. If we did raise enough money to get out them basically a good. He could have a perfectly normal life there's no need to really amputate his leg and he the top does leg is just perfect it's just the bottom that's been severed. So we are it during a fundraising now to try to raise some money to get out of my foot so he can use all four legs like a normal doc how much do we need. They want 900 dollars so far we have a hundred it's not every day Kristy did we get a situation like this. There are specialty craft and you've got me Arnold I eat out on that Simon adamant that they're great and better quality. Right it's eat it and it isn't right truly. A bowl half idealized. And he got a little bit let out pat ourselves on Adams a look at our won't. So Tamara how do we help. Adam gifted prosthetic foot that he needs there is a hate love animals dot org link to where we actually set up for all of our rescues and John you could help Adam or any of the other animals say that need help the link is at the beach in Miami Jack come in this morning. It's not just finding a home for dog it's saving the dog's leg to get reaching your pocket we into the little added we were really appreciated right Christy. You've got to Kenny thanks so much her values it is our first.