Beach Buddies - Cali

Friday, February 10th

Cali (ID A292201) was our first Beach Buddy. She is a 9 year young, Basset hound mix who is sweet, good with kids and other pets, and she is potty-trained.  Cali also knows basic commands.

Listen every Friday at 8:20 am as Kenny meets our Beach Buddies!


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Issued this morning to find a hole. For this beautiful dog right here joining us this morning from the humane society of Broward County Sherry and her friend from Christie's critters. Christie Christie your dog when he is spectacular when he was in Marley and me in the inspiration. For the. They're paying these senators foundation and she's kind of quietly backed. He is so sweet and smear quietly backed the dogs were trying to find a home for today's Sherry tell everybody about Kelly. Is nine years young and she is maybe a Basset Hound shepherd thinks she's got short little legs. She's got a little pale that curls she's jet black in color and she's so so sweet she was looking for a place where she can spend her golden years. I wouldn't label tally is a looming this cuddly kind of got exactly this isn't the kind of dog you need to go home an end run around the block went Cali is gonna be happy you know hanging down on the so hopefully he is gone for leisurely walks she's not gonna have to play 24/7. He's summing up in a nutshell. Ouch I'm from my dream so I ran it. Hurry so if somebody wants it opened their home to this beautiful dog Cali who by the way you can see on our FaceBook page one of two point seven beach Miami they do. I'm anxious to adopting Cali can give us a call the humane society the numbers nine size four and 993977. He can meet her at the shelter we open every day at 1030 as wells all the other fabulous dogs cats bunny rabbits. That we have up for adoption. Now with Valentine's Day coming up as I know you guys something special we do it there's always love for sale at the humane society of our honey just sounds wrong you know that's. I love we have a well if he should adopt any dog cat her bunny rabbit on this Saturday or Sunday as over the ages six months the adoption DS priced at six pence or spayed or neutered they receive their preliminary vaccinations microchip was. Very importantly get a bag Petrino wants suit and a of course I don't usually microshaft yeah we do and I did that for my kids could. It's not a GPS yeah. Okay are almost I think I bring it felt. Kerry humane society of Broward County Christie from Christie's critters Chris you have people find you you can find us on FaceBook Christie's critters celebrating pence an animal rescue Clark. I Christie's craters dot org does CHR I EST I. Think he used to enjoy the sweetest little dog that. Who's trying to find you home OK photos and videos of Kelly kind of FaceBook page one or two point seven the beach in Miami.