Beach Buddies: Goldie, July 7th

Friday, July 7th

This week's Beach Buddy is a 5-year-old Chihuahua! Goldie is really a sweetie.


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The only 102 point seven the beach. Whoever favorite segments of the whole week when we get sick to bring a cute little dog or cat here in the studio. Can introduce you and try to find homes for these animals. Our good friend Christy from Christie's critters. Such a huge part of this go to Christie's craters dot org take a look at what she's done if she's an amazing friend of the show and any animals everywhere. Stores are friendlies here from the Broward County animal rescue that little gold here is adorable. Little Goldie yes go. Yes this sure wallet in there and I don't think it may be some thaksin isn't this a little Wiener dog and end any. You have to remember something. If the dog can handle the radio station. All the people grabbing at the dog petting the dog. And you know they're gonna be perfect for your home very similar yes she's been meeting and greeting everybody says he walked in here on staff this volley at all. Are at least a sandwich you wanna take dolby home right now what are we send a family just need to come by Broward County animal kingdom though right now we're having a special going on our July 4 special been running this week. And so do goalies. Either way you can take gold home in and pay nothing for us we give you some pet supplies you know I had nothing then my. You can check out gold these photos unaware of save the beach Miami Jack come she is a lump she's the star of our show today and a little golf clap for gold here gold. And senator Max age spread.