Beach Buddies: Loki, May 5th

Friday, May 5th

Today Peter from the Humane Society of Greater Miami stopped in to talk to Kenny about Loki. Loki is a two-month-old kitten who was found alone roaming the streets without a home.To adopt him, visit the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center, located at 16101 West Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach. 


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Meantime we got to find a home for this cat. Tears well that's from the humane society of greater Miami. This kid is gorgeous. Well this is one of our one reverse pressure schemes from the humane society. I'm not only do we have low key which you can see that he's beautiful what a beautiful matching the right guy right gorgeous gorgeous piece only three months old which is perfect. For you can stop by and pick out a seven month old a two year old beautiful cats that need homes right now. They need attention need love you know one of the things that we always ask says that when you come to select a path. Bring the families we indicates allow the kids to be part of the decision making. I allow this to be a family projects everybody has ownership to bring the head home with whether it's a cat or probably. In danger is that the animal and that's the most important thing given love and attention it. One of the things about bringing a young came home three months told us is that each given the opportunity to bond into just. To a new home much early in life. You know it makes us so much easier for no matter I mean let's hope nobody asked so it's it just makes it fun and and and who doesn't like talking to us and I think in. Peter good friend Christy from Christie's hurt his joy his. Christine low key is unbelievably. Adorable. Well I'll see what else you just hope that he would beat us. In addition each tear Stanley baby girls that can't love her Mother's Day right. Corner. Blitzer I'm lucky the top ten ever separate ways because cards. That's what I didn't have any means but he also say okay this Egypt of course this could take unpaid credit credit. Sports when he was loud it's fine looking nice things are at our simulations I don't weekend. I couldn't agree more let's get home for low key right now. First step for you go to the beach Miami downtown station much Christiane thank you so much Peter thank you for having us.