Beach Buddies - Nipsy, May 12th

Friday, May 12th

Kenny met with this week's Beach Buddy, Nipsy. She is a 3-year-old, female spayed dog, with a heart of gold apart of Dezzy's Second Chance Rescue!


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Well two point seven at least every Friday we do it rain or shine any sort of try to find a home for a dog or cat feature money Spinner for Sandra from Disney's second chance animal rescue he's here. Extremely the students on how are you know I'm doing great thank you for having needs to unite here today it's an amazing story about your rescue operation. We have a five acre ranch where they're fine. Sanctuary where these animals come to get better and we pulled them from Miami Dade animal services on the red we get a list of his ready to die we've told them. We have also animals that are awaiting trials from the state attorney's office from the Miami state attorney's office from the west palm beach state attorney's office. We come up to bat for these animals. Doing depositions going to trials are the ones that have been abused and waiting for their date in court. And you literally work 24 hours today. Just don't need to hear wonderful dog with a heart of gold. She came from Miami Dade animal services. It was her last moment. We powder on the rescue for a year and a half she keeps from getting look over and she stares of people so wiry not taking me some guy I want my home. Was under the woman who is a catalyst behind this whole project to find homes for these animals is our friend Kristy Christie's Kurdish. Chris he's on the phone that's right now Christie could you tell our listeners what we needed to find a home for Michigan. Well of course as always are on me. On the eight feet buzz page we're on his feet wet and chronic fatigue critters are poor. Guys. Italian entry and I don't back I was quite if you're you're you are being incredible work and we would go up yeah. You can see him this weekend. Let's find homes for Nancy so under Christie thanks so much everybody have a great weekend.