Beach Buddies - Rosie, March 31st

Friday, March 31st

Kenny met this week’s beach buddy, Rosie, a 5 year old American Bulldog mix. She suffered an unfortunate injury that left her jaw fractured and several of her front teeth to get pushed out of place. Thanks to the donations made to the Second Chance Fund, the Miami Humane Society was able to take Rosie in for surgery to correct her jaw and remove her damaged teeth.

She is now pain-free and ready to rock the world of her forever family! If you are looking for a sweet and affectionate doggie to have by your side, Rosie is your girl! To adopt Rosie, visit the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center, located at 16101 West Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach. 


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Point seven beach Friday we've got to get serious for a minute here. Because we've got a dog that needs a home this is Rosie Rosie is adorable cuddly Kindle and manner magazine may stretch my belly humane society of greater Miami's here placing highly Miami Beach. Widows and Peter and Josh. Peter tell everybody how lovable Rosie is here. Well Rosie is sent Americans hold on megs she's about five years old right now are great dogs sweetheart just wants to his affection. She was picked up wins when she was picked up she had at an injury right he had an injury she had a pretty bad join injuring fractured my job you never know now. Never don't know right she has she had a beautiful surgery he and she's back to normal Josh Peter on her arm people like us or families. Are allowed to go to the mainstay of greater Miami. Dixie highway Miami Beach and take a look around and get a chance to hug Ellison the dogs are always we have opened doors are shelters open Tuesdays through Sundays from 11 AM to 7 PM. And we do invite you not only to companies to bring the whole family we have not only do we have. Beautiful dogs to choose from but we also have casting you can comment. We got a cast Peter Josh were joined by our good friend Christy from Christie's critters this labor of love from her has brought us all together every Friday may twenty. Christine this dog Rosie is arms are. Rotated. Absolutely. Adorable and I don't and eat together. It's behind a loving forever amber rose each all of the rescued at least. You're every side on each but at least I know we have a listener right now who's saying I want to adopt Rosie. I have to here's how it like it may grow even remember her family you can log on to eat your website or I'll see it doesn't information in there and that you may Easter Sunday Miami it up. My last night I could craters dot org and I'm on all of our social media site. He heard Josh humane society of greater Miami thanks for coming in today for Rosie you're so we don't we find you home and Kristy thanks for all you do with. Christie's critters in beach buddies. Thank you Zenyatta an aunt and meet and.