Beach Buddies - Rue and Finn, April 7th

Friday, April 7th

Kenny talked with the good folks over at Good Karma rescue who brought in this week's Beach Buddies, Rue and Finnick! 


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The only 102 point seven days Kenny walker along with a friend Christy from Christie's craters. Today it's time for beach buddies. Let's say hello to our president good kind of rescue I'm. Paying. Extra added an Arab or that Dorian catcher and Isabella iron here with a two accuser Katie is every these little kittens. Finished and drew Julio just find homes for them Christie. Are they came I don't care courts BC OS IX eight agent Chris and Scott are unhappy with each vote it would probably is not typically goes on from the comment that he'd he'd let them go into the weekend. Seen this weekend I know that all your good karma or doing something really cool this weekend Doreen can you tell us about it. We're transporting 46 cats and kittens up to Vermont so we work with partner rescues up north. They actually have a shortage of kittens which is unheard of down here we have too many kittens. It's actually a waiting list to adopt where we have too many. So we're taking 46 kittens. Unbiased deriving them all the way up to Vermont drumming up at three different rescues and knowledge and adopted superfast up there so we can rescue another 46 down here that's supported here tomorrow we Tyrone all around my leg and I. I transport by taking him out of here story thank you so much and cancer and Isabella we love the job we do a good karma pet rescue efforts try to finals were finished and wrote. Christie from Christie's critters thank you also much have a great weekend to do adapt these animals go to the beach in Miami dot com.