Beach Buddies: Shiva and Tweety Boy, June 23rd

Friday, June 23rd

This morning, The Cat Network stopped by to chat with Kenny about this week's Beach Buddies! Shiva and Tweety Boy are two of the many cats available for adoption at The Cat Network of Miami-Dade.  The adoption fee for each is $85 which includes deworming, vaccinations, and testing for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.  You can see more of the cats available by stopping by their Midtown adoption center (map) and by checking out their Facebook page.


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Mean bodies were wrong dose of my pet supermarket visit friends supermarket for your savings today the only way I know two point seven feet from the cat network it's a good friend and it's Asia along with Tweety and she even good morning. Hurry in to see you doing great things unlike anything we have to Katie we have Tweety being and she's tough and which story wanna start out with first. Well let's start with. We'd be Tweety was adopted from animal services as akin. Between these and the original owners decided to let him out and she was hit my car and to he didn't wanna paint that's awesome I brought him back to animal services. But then his story takes a turn for the better because he was taken by the cat network. Our adoption agency and do. We amputated his tail and that she has now made a full recovery he's such a sweet for the Seattle only love. For a jail when he's not trying to eat our microphone. On yeah I wish if your TV you casino which just happened. We're in the middle of this interview and they candles are walking across our 750000. Dollar board near panic buttons are going on. On the lights are blinking or all panic they would examine. But any and it doesn't matter where here to find homes for two weeks and she even joining us had the brains behind beach buddies our friend Christy from Christie's critters. Getting out of Betty and I can't I I don't think I've ever thought about find out that I hadn't heard it here he was. And they are any time you wonder goal. How warm days and and let me tell her I bet you. You know I'm on the cast network at home and of course if you wanna god doesn't help you you don't you don't find out everything you need you now I'm on the agency web page fifty well I can't tell you guys in her face for me your website it.