Beach Buddies: Spot, April 21st

Friday, April 21st

Kenny talked with Lisa from Broward County Animal Care and Control this morning who brought in this week's Beach Buddy, Spot! This pint-sized fellow is 9 years old. Spot is ready to go home, but he needs your help— A bit on the chubby side, Spot could use a good diet and workout plan. He is as mellow as a dog can be. Will be great in any home! 


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This dog is amazing Broward County animal care and control is here our good friend Lisa Hawaii Lisa I had good how are you kidding. Fantastic against little child of love over here is just she killed. He in our top we will conversation earlier did you yeah and what does but when he said he wants a bite in my pop tart. He picked. Apparently wherever he was from he was well fed and you know even all got you know in an us old folks this now updated to you know we need a little tender loving care. And on that's exactly what's but needs to he's nine years old. I'm a little chubby Chihuahua. We want whoever Dobson to take two of debt to the Czech mobile makes sure he's okay. But he says flight deck spot just likes to hang out on his pillow chill out front of the TV. You know take a snooze in the sun is described every Sunday to make up right. This dog as a mini Kenny walker and that's a little Kenny Walla exactly a QB great nanny home. Arm I would recommend a home where the owners low key likes you know he's not going gulf late morning jog but he definitely is gonna do some on TV with the. Joining us is the woman it is all the leg work for a beach buddy segment every Friday Christie from Christie's critters are Kirstie time to get down to business let's get a home for spot. Well we got beautiful cute adorable but when any excuse looking for a loving forever home antennae. Out I am speechless there are just three. Late last they're talking fortunately there outwit parent that ultimately like that could be. Wonder if that she did it go ahead and that dot other odds and Lionsgate and you'd be honoring that guy he locked by giving another rep here that warm sea bed spirit a lobby for our home. I couldn't agree more and the sooner the better absolutely. Are rescued on the web site they bucket critters are alerts personal thanks again at least she got a great event for dog lovers coming up our. Old dogs like spot these days of one and a hard groups to get adopted but you know what's even harder are larger dogs in the big guy you know and so we gonna have a special event just focus on them on May twentieth from that in the form at our shelters 2400 south west 42 street at what laden is called B plus. And you're adopt a big guys you're gonna get all kinds of goodies at beach bag beach towel you know pet supplies out everything you need for this dog. And so we won invite everybody out of mates when he. Q where for me Torre and can't we define a home for spot go to the beach in Miami got cut Lisa thanks so much thank you Kenny.