Beach Buddies: Vienna and Veve, June 30th

Friday, June 30th

Today Todd met with the ladies of Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue who brought in this week's Beach Buddies Vienna and Veve! Vienna and Veve are 2.5 month old Yorkie/Terrier puppies. They were rescued from Miami Dade Animal Services as newborns, where they were turned in without their mom. For more info visit


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Only one voice in the movies more music more fun so it's time to talk. Find homes for these furry friend lead to Long Beach buddies we do here every Friday to help our friends think Christie's craters dot org it's like you my pet supermarket that. So busy here on ten. French supermarket for savings tuned day and who currently have your IBM comments just Bartlett animal rescue don't understand and be happy and I. Indiana and TV in their very what do they way they're really teeny cute adorable little girl I dogs and I'm and is. Saying they renounced her feet short version cars we do a lot of money rescue Luigi on the adult dogs didn't come easy sometimes easier to rescue net. I think just demur that rescue know where he is looking. Well we're Foster based so all of these dogs how many volunteers and they they in our homes are able to see you. Try to work on things like Heidi training with the off season and social skills and will we can tell adopters a little bit more about them because we know more about them because they say when last we don't get them in cages. It's great to adorable TV and in Vienna here I mean they're adorable dogs what are their ages right anomaly and iron two months. Maybe like. Finally got perfect and they just and then is if they're small greens they need their bags and an addiction they're ready for adoption that we're looking for homes we are looking I'm thinking about that you wanna. Two to do that tiger and it just didn't Arlington animal rescue but tell me how to find you online at our website is WWW. Justin Hartley an animal rescue got cooler thanks guys thank you police are now we have Christie Vermont Christie's critters how you Christian I don't brain tied my memory oh yeah. Absolutely well there's only to be one juror no one in my pocket now. Oh yeah you're right. I love the front of the fireplace more SUI I've bored with them over here and they are doing incredible work. They went grew up Fergie went there and reach out and it got beat if you want to milk your card and then jockeys do all you have to do is spot on his feet wet tigers' special media occasion. Part that he's greater dot org where my first from each campaign is completely happy go lucky laughter. Great thanks Christie so much and yeah. Again great organization we love having you here. So much that I have let me something I know Denise MDJ Christie thanks so much and more information on these bodies. Our website WWW done the beach in Miami dot com and.