Happy Groundhog Day!

Thursday, February 2nd

It's "Take Your Child To Work" day and Kenny's daughter, Lilly, is taking over the show! It also happens to be groundhog day, so we find out if there will be six more weeks of winter or not. 


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Two point seven of feature in the seventh wonder what Kenny walker with my with my assistant it's my daughters take your child to workers. Am shocked at 3:30 this morning line will corrupt he said she says hey I get dead no problem although. I don't welcoming elegant look and you've been so helpful little thing can we get breakfast just came in that score you good over there you get out to eat. Okay good did you track down Gabby your producer. We got breakfast delivered did it ever has gone crazy Iran. Everybody's joint from studios and did you get my bagel I got this bagel did you get that angle is like public menace and I wanna know why everybody's melting down about the groundhog think it's Groundhog Day it just happened now that's what I was getting from me I'm so excited looking. It more winter I don't know how many weeks 66. Six weeks six weeks of lent her you know about Groundhog Day what it is what the Punxsutawney Pennsylvania you know what that's all about. I know that there's a giant ground hot hand he's not giant is just a regular I felt like that some. At least he isn't he's a fat content and so well. He's got scrounge around in the woods of Pennsylvania they get this and up there at the town library. Day heat that we limits. So he you can go look at it again I'd walk into the into the town and he's a behind glass there and you knock on the glass and then the little brown logic you used knock on the last. You're not supposed to about yeah and knocking on the killer app content. It was you wanna go you want a guy. Final guy is so it looks and you'll face time of the groundhog don't hit it in and I will sell thingy Jay you mean grant program would you do the same thing. You know you would everybody says don't knock on the glass we have a chance would he do. You knockout it's it's bad we do so according to the story. If it's cloudy when the groundhog. Emerges and reading from what Wikipedia. Emerges from his burrow on this day in the spring season will arrive early. If it's sunny the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat retreat back into its Dan. And winter weather will persist for six more weeks. So he he saw the shadow yet I'm not hurled about it and equities equity. In your diet here were dying and I am really trying. And everybody knows it world action doing it. We UT and you don't even have a job BA you just hang around it would be able to get up and go to work. That that that is where here's really ever see the movie Groundhog Day. Here's a look here here's a little clips. Every morning he wakes up to the song over and over. And Indy Jeff these annoying DJ set the local radio station. Well there it's. Roll out there every day wanted to Miami and I'm constantly. Gripe with jock shocker fifth. I. The so so he saw the shadow he's such shadow of her and see this yet do we know. Sasha and eat it winter's night at feed them. So six more weeks of of yet what we're okay well that's good for us for tourism is South Florida's or not. So are we we're rooting for him to have six more weeks right. Yeah you guys aren't I like humidity and eighty degree my thanks to.