Jade Interviews Rick Astley!

Monday, February 6th

'Never Gonna Give You Up' was recorded 30 years ago today! Listen as Jade interviews Rick Astley!


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Harder. I'm doing excellent so I was reading a little bit more about you and I noticed that from church required to local bands to pop to soul you don't like this musical chameleon. It's gone just from being you know you'll enjoy it I'll look into it. Sort through some bigger and honest goal try to get involved do not and you don't see insurance as well I'm and the point about. Instrument and also I just got a lot meant to be neutral so I'll never never let me go to Mayo or slogans builder. So you've always just been naturally gravitating towards everything that is music. I think so yes I mean you got this model deductibles are pretty young developing monsters. And I was looking for something. Because there are you do something else do you think of the speech you know. I'm also enabled happy home what you don't like these are so do what happens you won't find. Do enjoy the things that are being just being around music was as always don't mean it doesn't mean sort of expect you know a up and you're caught it early in the UK recently released denial and a lot of songs are about that about a lot of credit card Google brings up faster because of the expected also. And never gonna give you what was recorded New Year's Day 830. Years until this year right now don't tell about our. Jersey guys are Rick and it's OK I know be released from the time he recorded to time it was actually released. What is an artist field during that period of waiting and seeing what happens is it all gonna come together it's taken a lot to get here now on here and I got to wait. It's really not because something which you know you should really weird thing and you get heat so people did it and you just won't press the bull and go. But the recruiting is just work but I don't think you know renovate an excuse. Most people. They haven't hit there's a there's obviously some color this'll work is of our current poll was also allow low. And is also a lot higher than normal walk out a couple of our government owns about guitar you know outlook you've got Robert you don't accuse sort. So it just I just elected member and just kind of stroman and altitude you know twenty what people are Bernard earn it. You don't own beach resorts it's OK I want to I was OK with our. You know why I kept reading a little bit more about your life and I got to tell you that I absolutely leg. Any man who stops doing something that he genuinely loves. Hasn't scored for Sam you literally went and put on your daddy had and you went that route for a little while. Update your usual on the super dark quality. They wanted to be home. Volatile it was don't know I'm not gonna put all of us shoulders Arctic probably not as well pop music most people don't get very long. Or are these are some pretty big Merkel and not a great art and soul will be charges. And I think you've just work hard. I think it is like it was an eye opener are pretty child's ability to magistrate thinkers in the little hole all the world are that it is just argue so and it isn't just targeted obviously. But it also the studio and our charge to write songs for the people and juices don't open. It almost didn't go well because I think he's different outlook from being an opt to be to try to use some be different. Oh discovered some in my songs but at least it isn't right through the people well. It is great I was so lucky to be around until Google to be honest you know our people a little bit. But what he got really what would be that they're you know not look at these these states is the most bloomed out and be out there working sort of really looking. You put a beautiful layer of good karma on your life putting your life in music on hold for the sake of your daughter because you went back to show business and then you get MTV's best act ever with never gonna give you up. I charts again until decades later Rick. No I'm not only to build it as a seat I'd say that luscious pink tree you're gonna because. I made an album are cold and just because that was my birthday this year it. They are somewhat of just you political reached. You just told me few seconds ago not even mentioned thirty years ago for your release and now your just telling everybody how old. Yeah I don't listen I don't know that I'll follow it and two got some ideas of mockup of an exhibit in gridlock crises album and also like. But also made it reviews aren't here today and get some places around the world. Irons which we haven't won out in the UK which was wholly unexpected it was crazy. You know I saw my name or bad in the in the UK jobs we've made our whole way. I bought a Dell people are not you know something I notes. Most people thought I was dead upon economic record tournament so I'm just plug it I'd like to say we're in America right now. Americans don't Beatles and there are always other schools are better I was friendly people and you've got some interest in things go I don't we hit politics. Auction book it's a great concert on faster remember about whoever's in charge of the country it's a great concert and a Beagle to resolve what it. I don't take too much more every time I do have a couple questions for you number one how did you like being a radio DJ. Well actually it's really it's distributed and I'll copy it I'm not professional. Probably didn't let it so it's really an economic opening to use on the regular kindergarten futile recently beat it's really special to get that it is ready you know. I would have thought about you guys but I would do so via CNET footage well it berate Europe Germany but he still should regularly matches. People still look the radio because they look cute and so it looks like he's so. The net and on every day and relate to it at all or that and especially in Portugal some concern about everything here and as well wouldn't argue that in Europe are all obvious. So part of our hearts. It's a little bit based really what you want to get this reversal based in Oslo earlier so you know extra like they're. You just mentioned you know you'd you'd gone over the fifty mark. Why in the world do you do to stay looking so young so that all of us girls can bottle it up. And start all over our bodies you look. A lot and a lovely lovely person deciding not all considered armored I'm irons and Danish woman and they eat reasonably healthy and Davis and her everything she texted terribly so Romney yeah I just Google page B police. But you know electric slide and predictable and helping be insisting it went I'll pick it up I actually celebrate it by a local. In Miami market people that they and in drove down to the Florida Keys. I tell me that was in a wonderful experience it. They're productive incredible and we really watching it looked like you know this TV series of this show. We have to radio DJ is here at the beach that are on that show they do act in time. I educated as we talked out about oh well. And what is great that we look officials are watching we've never been she's considered I think you know book so whatever he drove down there and it is a suspect I awoke Obama both right. Our breakfast in Miami ten I had to call early in the afternoon in the Florida Keys struck about the match. Well we thought that the next time you come down this way that he'll pop in and just say hello we love playing your music. I personally played you at the other radio station that I was that a few years ago since we don't wanna talk about decades anymore. But appreciate it there are guys we got caught oh lead but let. All you had me why aren't my friends I'm happy that line. Oh are you so much for your time earlier Floyd your concert on the seventh at the Adrian art center mighty here. Arctic birds are revealed or altered corn evening. Syria rendered by a part of by.