Justin's Movie Reviews - Feb. 3rd

Friday, February 3rd


Kenny talked to our favorite movie man, Justin, about a couple of the movies coming out this weekend. Need some help picking which movie to see? Listen in!  

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She's still weekend it's Friday quick thinking about them. Niece when it comes to movies there is one expert and one expert only and we have him windows this morning he's the guru of movies. These are Rain Man movies and turned just ahead. Racetrack owner Byrd thanks for being and I just 82 movies this weekend we get rings and we have space between us what he had to start is what's. I don't work rings and rings franchise and the third movie in the North American remake coverage. You watch a video and north what to videotape bench everyday lady gets died. So it's just the rain free basically yeah I don't matter right there I don't work I was not scared by this most because everybody said it was such a scary movie original ring because sometimes you wanna be scared you disappointed when you're not going to be out last year almighty original but it doesn't really matter because this is really kind of a date link. Edged chance for a guy or girl to kind of cuddle up together and these geared together and school and the other movie space between us it's a kid and he's on Mars or something. No actual science is moved to ours and then like in that process they have a kid. Georgia Arnold Margarita Earthlink and that he wants of course what has become the teenagers sixteen years old Dugard boys you have you eat so you want to come back third then. When that happens probably arrive because nobody can handle beer chat this year so you got a whole movie around now you know. I do interval once who lives in California and that was a long distance relationship and it was heart yeah I'm not are you talking interplanetary. That's a longer and longer relationship any history no never work I can't tell I'm underwhelmed and this is good. And I know you say January is the worst month fed or is it terrible month. When we start to get the better movies you're not until about march where we get out of being. Don't completely so they go to get Al Arab or like January light so it legacy and Larry what was what he's the genius of movies he's system bunch of movies. Orion man of the senate moon. And turned just. Regular and irregular fairly.