Kenny in The Mornings: Moran Levi performs live in studio!

Friday, March 31st

This morning Kenny spoke with Moran Levi who also performed a couple songs for us live in the studio! Make sure to check them out tonight at Friday Night Sound Waves on Fort Lauderdale Beach from 6pm-9pm. For more information go to


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Friday what it's Friday it's also sound waves the big free concert on port wanted to be six tonight. On the ocean tonight's going to be spectacular. And joining the band the people who we need to marais and leave USA well. We have we have about we have more and we also had a good car valid Flavio and Dan interest and tonight's your guys your Janet are you wouldn't be able to do this because I have you lost so early in the morning we'll be okay. Other times. Yeah he's a real professional and it was hard for musicians to get up and there's just such a late night wild crazy people. Your party normally little guys yeah. Right becomes do I I just just I just described your life in a nutshell so before we get started many kids it was chicken for a couple songs again that's a little bit some. As we need to get everybody in the mood for the weekends and great weather this weekend. Com and we're also ready Tony we're gonna find a home for dogs are a lot going on this morning we also have a 100000 dollars to give away any play this morning with a birthday contest. Without fixing his parents have picked they and I did I'm so you're doing original song for us this morning around what is it what is it called Mary Jane. So you get exited jam up plugging your guitars and an endless via song we will hear tonight at sound waves and for a lot of beach yes and as you well you ready used to live music. Can play time and again. Orleans mayor each day is how. She is suing enters its songs com. Mean dozens of Ireland and with our own. The bush team is Danny Kaye is poll. Ayman. Mom. She did manage running so. Times change is there. And why he. Everything is home. He's. Fine. Able. JC NN. And mainstream. Hammering me like mom. And I'm married today. Then again this thing. At all. You can do small. Even now every little thing she's. And me. I. I am staying here. All yeah. I lied music in the morning Moran leaving Paramount flop field entrance of the bands. You guys are good. Holy cow that was fun. Every single one like every wanna buy the studio have you noticed everybody walked in my spirit what's happening in their live music you wanna hear the earth tonight soundly Fort Lauderdale B six tonight it's a free Gaza continue hang out with a little bit. Yes yes we. I'm telling you more this just isn't your normal course a load of Carmel Fabio de interest in. And Moran leaving tonight sound waves on the beach Fort Lauderdale six tonight which are these free concert colossal say they want a if you've never bend and they deserve more fun than being on the ocean there would be great news or this. In the napping than math. So you guys are still a lot of little originally it is amusing here you just more stuff crossed your mind I don't you put on this spot. You might have been like Jim and until some forests of the equation what what would you feel like playing for us today. A beautiful song is I can take my eyes. I mean. You know we look to be right there my heart just kind of skipped this could did you guys give us a moment I turned my life a little. We were highly Elizabeth said don't forget this could be a great show sound ways Fort Lauderdale beach. Tonight six to nine taken away. You just accused of each afternoon. I can't thank my eyes off of you. Feel like tendencies. Phone mom on the home use some. And at long last lap pass around it then dancing and I'm glad. Your testing team to reach. Lillian and I say. There's nothing Kansas home. And you makes me. And nowhere is it. He's and I can't see. That means alone mainstream. I can't sing my. And anymore. It. The only thing now. And you. Now. I. On this. He's just too good to be true. I can't take my eyes off of you. Feel like I have time to time this phone I'm on a whole new song my. It's not because there I have. Then I think the. I can't take my. Love you. And home. OK okay. Is he human. In the yeah nails. Pain. Moon. Gold mine got. But yeah. This saxophone we were talking we were talking yesterday on the show. I'm Gabby about Clarence Clemons just one of my all time favorite sax players and he had done hasn't showed a dolphin game. And I was just blown away and that's a collision with the bass player with the guitar and you in the locals. You guys can't wait to see you tonight could readily be in the grossed out ways for Rotterdam and 69 Los solace an a one day. Well it's going to be tough to it's going to be tough to do that gig after being here in my show everybody how. Thank you coming out really really appreciate it was great did it treat for us that we get here twice today. That was good if you need a little backup vocal you let me enough I'll. Way back to backs are okay. Hi guys you have coming on have a great weekend get a good look at tonight.