Kenny Talks with Artist, Mike Mineo

Friday, April 14th

Kenny talked with Mike Mineo who is playing at Friday Night Sound Waves on April 14 from 6-9pm. Mineo played some original songs for us in the studio, check it out! 


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Friday joining us. All the way from Nashville say Elena might not feel everybody might. Might you understand Friday and sound waves Fort Lauderdale B 69 at our las Solis and anyone say. To be fun it's gonna be awesome yeah I'm really excited poet sent notice you have guitar on the I'd yeah oh I do look and listen I can ask your favor. Possession of a spot would you mind. Doing maybe one of the songs he'll do tonight that you're concert for us now none at all or really anywhere you know don't pay like to see before a lot of don't pay. Path. I have no I didn't know budget. Social what do you do for us right now. I'm gonna do a song this is up my second album it's called the volley hard and this is the unplugged. Sincere. Acoustic version. Mike may have tonight check your mom's friends and went home from potency as some. But we don't. Boom boom boom boom. Me. In that way and just. Just flew. Cool. Don't you. And you move could consume me panic. Dad. Until you clean them. Me. Miss playing and winning. And maybe if there is no. Plan. Stand. And the wind go a long term need is and pins yeah. Soon. Anyway. Pat zoo and clean gas and did we get. I'm in live this way. The whole thing yeah. So you lose. Brandon said I need. I had. Home school or listen you know whom day. And it's. And I'm from yeah show then you move ahead. I was in that. That's okay has my man into a movie. This is kind. And did is man. Let me know little on his back then yeah. And and win. Don't. What is bad. Did. Guys. Okay. This yeah okay. Okay. Just her. And then. The I didn't. And Saatchi. And then. Yeah. And it is download can consume and week. Didn't. That's. And didn't. And then and and it's. This is and we. The Wii is fast. Because what if I. Yeah. I didn't do that I can drive you hear area he's got to guitar is Salo. You'll hear you in the pen tonight so how does anyone. Did you tonight. Those seem like me in the band Friday night's sound waste if you're looking for some good fun to do with old. Family has a free concert on the beach Fort Lauderdale awan a colossal 69 get there early but there's. Similar right there on top you literally on the beach yeah. Want to say hi. I'm jealous just in music did you sell some CDs. So people wanna check you out now maybe they can't make it and how we and we find out about what they can go to my many a dot com. It's MI KE MI NEO dot com. And links solid social media it and everything so that's the easy thing and a local guys an okay guy we're talking about now your big shot Nashville. Thanks for coming in town comes out we appreciate drinkers should actually thank you for having me thank you joining us today are Mike our everybody tonight. It's front 9 o'clock red and my man. 1098 he'll be doing your thing on the beach Fort Lauderdale. Got to Friday sound waves in and it's a free concert on the beach for blotter a 69 at at Los Solis and anyone an annual your perfect for this just. He got the first fairly good looking guy. And you didn't shout out to your wife we just kind of romantic hey that's a baby. That was sweet he mirrored what three years. Then again they're little over three years been married since October oh sure you really are really went yet I say man. Yeah thank you got the whole package you've got great leader great price so tonight you're going to be singing six and I would you handle. Yeah hold crucial then yes and that's player B is there any dumber and Bosnian town saint. And I can I plug and play one more song before you absolutely sure please please bug when we got for us. This is actually needed to and and then I here this is. I don't want this it's about being used but it's not about my life. Susan I don't know I think. Sponsorships. And news. She nice day today now let them. Eyes again embeds today and Suzanne Zain understands. Man and my little women and you'll lose. Then that's some food and cheese and then cannons and am staying. Came home run until last hours as we end. Unannounced. And this independent thing then username Baghdad bins is seen yeah. Things and then just. I don't you and this time though to don't. It's. Liz and then. Do you live it's. A. And then the man these. Glad man. And then. Movie. And you know. Is second. She's got sings I know Rome is when done. A bit and stay there a sense and since then sang okay and she likes the dom good not good times into madness says. It intends Maine and Collins. Should costly time. Didn't know Wednesday is named Dan. Collison. Just. Didn't mean I don't rabid end mad Jacobs remnants. Of some. I don't. And the I know. And I. Ahead. And because. When. Yeah the alien. It's mammoon damn well within minutes and that is. Lands. The bedrooms. I used to hand maiden. CNN. Does way this can. I Palin moment we'll monsoon that good and mostly it. There's. Then dad. Who's who. Do you live. I'm Lin Dan. Yeah and then. Okay. Okay. And food. News. It. Oh and whenever is coming yeah. Zagat Michael many -- both good guy local guy now national big start tonight you did see him for free. Friday night sound ways Fort Lauderdale B six and nine. Anyway and Russell's mother are you you know how to book on the net my he's been a pleasure today I'm really. So much for having me years to see you guys out there and you can check me dynamite many Idec common MI KE MI and you know dot com are social media can access on and everything else seen guys tonight could be great show on the hey you know Iran literally on the beach tonight honestly the weather's great it's going to be fantastic.