Kenny talks with artist, Tom Sartori

Friday, April 28th

Kenny talked with Tom Sartori who is playing at Friday Night Sound Waves on April 28th from 6-9pm. Sartori played an original song for us in the studio, check it out! 


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12 point seven in each idol bubble we bring in live musicians on Friday more isn't. Save a lot of time territory everybody out. Good morning good morning. You'll wake you be able roll this today in Harry got you down again last night can't wait can Nigeria be on. The beach Fort Lauderdale sound waves yeah that's a fun party excited. So there's your literally run on the beach their fans can walk right up these things really get the whole crew there are you mean you're so hello crew had a sixty stands permanent and we'll speak beautiful leather to be good night tonight what you're with a veteran tough territory and he song everything in the big time guy you've been through some of the national anthems only NFL games. You know you sell a lot a lot of nice things can I keep your chemical worse this year's candidates had a tremendous freedom around the planet no. A lot of great coffee coaster that you can tell us and it. You know this for a moment can you what you think coming up next to replace our first absolutely it can bring down the guitar again and out of the moment yes sir I like that tonight is good. They weigh in las almost Fort Lauderdale sound waves Friday may sound was really great time he will be the star of the show saved for. I'm an eight sound waves tonight that's 81 day in Los Solis on the beach. On the ocean for Lauria from sixth and final businesses got together. Folks Southwest Airlines and appeal of course our radio station to bring these great concerts. Tom sartorial this can't wait to see infinite and we're lucky to have you see we didn't play him to do original songs and original science and how lucky man. Even in Canada through it please gentlemen concert tour. He is had only is. ED mom and pull it should be and it's in my home. Into the no you won't believe a holding hands with him a little I mean just a friend it's. All. Losing loses I'm mental should be easy. Tell you all leave and live and let and you know isn't. Easily now. Saying that at all. Days. Replays as well then. Through the warmer in the mind games. He can have home phones. Easily. When you smile at me and this is somebody. He'll put a all it. Beijing may not feel that based. Stroll man. Went from being. Let me in wins and hamstring okay. He has he's okay and how do you. Devalue. And in my dreams he can campaign. All he's OK okay. Interview coach who Thailand. That is love and ain't through that. Just call me and my friend. There's millions of campaign. You have night. Romantic dream that move. On hand when you should we always playing. Below. He is a lucky man. Can rules he's allowed and they. We need here. Thought. Friday night's sound way six tonight they want me lasts all stroller what did free think you've come in and my pleasure man and common man get a gig last night rolling in here call Mike and being able to do that. What's it like when you warmed up. Right and the red. Bringing the stern on the non you'll dare you came in this morning we can't wait to see tonight's 69 on the beach for a lot of how do you come back again we do that absolutely love to have you.