Kenny Talks with Sabor Latino

Friday, May 19th

Ricky from Sabor Latino came to the morning show today to talk with Kenny about their show tonight (May 19th) at Friday Night Sound Waves. 


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Yeah. Now we are we are old enough to keep in mind that tonight we have another vehicle party on and this is going to be huge. Tonight is Latin night on the beach Florida lottery now. To show format. Yeah. Going to be able to make it to design logo or the Friday apart and aria rigors of seconds I you know I'm all too much drinking a lot of matches with. Anomaly and not let tonight's also on the I'll be the dolphins this event for the sins we can't summon a mission guys with. Crazy thing you do you have dancers. And you have light can DJ DJ is in music it. Tremendous that the body is going to be a party tonight and Friday night sound waves. They want in Los Solis the fort Lauder are you tell everybody what a fun time this is. Now I got it is the best time announced plans two point seven the needs cannot thank you and after being a sponsor more music more fun is just telling my. All about but I don't with the door on eighteen hour in the house Latin night presented by Southwest Airlines and we have just fantastic samba dancer I mean you are raid on the fan. We your family friends and colleagues co workers it is. As are you said it is a party on the BS tries going to be everybody and it and it's pretty just hate us there and better than that that would help. Playing if history is made and I day and enlist your help reduce interest here. We're accuser you know Long Island guy we're talking about you know some places we knew together but we'll get about he had gone. So bomb the so you know I'm get this challenge coming up once Eugene Alexander they. Fishy here is take holidays need to to a Cuban restaurant or not on speaking any every BC's only specialist. So are there any like phrases you can maybe teach me to help me out a little bit like. Leaning I can't generate as everybody immediate was indeed we all the swear words in the bad words of blazers and the collection. Like he can break out and sound like really cool I get the whole new Kyoto autos and home boy yo I get that par on on live mind you. Viewers abreast of I don't know yeah okay history that you need those what is this that would load from there and here I'm on the so you don't mention pretty good get and what what do you love about what owners had millennial producer. He has not Illinois she just fall on our faces are you noting that his. Jaded and all you're gonna mayors just I have there's we're gonna do okay but no no tip prison Spanish any phrases that you think I can use that. I like gray headed and how we do them how is that an idea that I can see the who's paying the check this lady would mean will make it pay the checked in at that I got to move. ANG eight at by downloads that's upside down though the Tennessee gave his team. That said yesterday I'll she's gonna hate I just won a contest early. So I can we can't see it and I was just thinking about sixth 6 o'clock. Think a lot of 9 o'clock and everybody has bringing near your beach chairs hanging out right on the people are you an honest hard. Service did a day of William left in Latin dances out there and do a lot of south than letting it. So make you bring in dancing shoes to putting anything flip flops yeah boy you barely advanced age now you end. It out on the other web site has some great videos of last year's event. Which with out of control but our people our people are convinced. Our listeners can dance sooners seem like that they always get down this of our Latino and how are Latino gay mean if you don't wanna dazzle make you dance. You're sure you dilemma do you teach me Spanish you get these if you wanna dance perhaps little if you're in great some dances you're like them then. Eight war if yes and they want may end colossal on the beach for a lot of the system the best party is always fun and we just wanted to let people know this is a free thing you can go hang on the family senate your beach years. Hang out while so many restaurants down there after when when Ricky and somewhat less pain or don't enjoy thanks for coming by we really appreciate. Current. Yeah oh win number. I'm so it's. It's. Well known and not exist here. Bill. Well I'm not even a doughnut hole. Benny Hill and.