Kenny talks with the Shane Duncan Band

Friday, May 5th

The Shane Duncan band came into the morning show today to talk with Kenny about their show tonight at Friday Night Sound Waves. 


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What do two point seven to be just get a lot of near the chain Dunkin' brand as well that and all of god now because I've known you guys how many years. Well I know it's just you know can you occupy something else could we maybe get like a live performance of body twenty years. You guys are half asleep during notre saying right now before we do they can regular dude I needle Marvin gay and Romans. You guys in the light of the god if you don't get it's. And they've been drinking. Get them edit gem out of what 820 years shows we kick off the weekend with the Jackson 5 on the beach and I don't two point seven and each other some love for the shame I understand list. The reason they're here today is up because tonight. Tonight's Friday and it soundly on the beach. Fort Lauderdale Friday night concert anyone in las almost six and a but it's a special week it is it's not just an orderly Friday it's it's the air show weekend right and it's it's actually we get a get a Michael get close ethic. So you guys are the key venue they picked you to kick off this whole thing tonight and I appreciate all the guys coming and I know it's early for you. And you've been out last night probably drinking like me I don't know when you guys. So happy to be here we're so happy to be a part of the sound waves. It's going to be a great event tonight we're going to be honoring in bringing in some of our military. China where that I think you shadow. We're for is my is my military I have these I got this and at Guantanamo without the with the dolphins and it's that. It's the militant with the American flags to school but this so you guys have a crew is coming up to how we get above that. Basically you go to our website Shane Duncan's hand dot com and it amusing that common and off so FaceBook Facebook and dreams vacations. It's going to be on the region cruise line and murdered in the sixth meals and a movie with about a movie antley Adam you guys get big enough Eagles are ready I won't be. We've been asked to be a nine Q couple spots and our song contracts can be movie be filming in an August chemical rocket club. We have to go to Hawaii unfortunately half to. She gosh. We have a very. Pro. And why am I gonna make it again god god. Because we love you yeah you look yes solicit. Hang a little bit where he John you're doing who may be some musicals but Indians were driving relapse whose book hot ball boy. Check and arrogant and more than for the second on the beach it's. Some love for the shame Duncan. You are what I know all of you from from. From past experience is an and I and I wanna see some silly here I love this fighting it sound poisonings is a really cool. Concert series but I'm really excited you're here because I I've seen you in action and you guys are the real the only unemployed smokers I love being here. I would even say that kind of sad when you were here but job but this is a special weekend because. He's just not just a typical Friday and it's always it's always trouble now we have leak week we have. All all our our our servicemen and women there. And we've also that the air show and you'll have been chosen to kick it up big responsibility that's where so I don't screw up where yeah. Very happy that we're very fortunate to be at the latest in tonight's gonna be awesome families of the rate. Meaning goes on on every Friday night Friday night and a two weeks yak and we're happy to be able to kick off the airshow week and so we're very fortunate very happy to be here. Ever people never been. Bomb it winning in Los Solis starting its sixth and I still monarch like this a free concert at you you could over there you hang out on the did you bring your beach I'm the actual sand. This surface behind the breeze it's always gorgeous in the ending. So here there and you give you come there with light 730 quarter to eighties and in the sun goes down and then you've got to be better. It's a great it's degrading so so if you don't mind. We switch on the spot but it's okay because militant. I'm what's a song we have here. Likes his art song that Dave and I wrote. In Las Vegas actually UC employees some words are doing through there and we just came up with this he can put this mind saying hey how are we to split life fonts news are as every now and and you wanna buy yourself a little time kind of alarm clock but. The wanna put it on life. Instead a ten minutes went up thirty days and hammer on the beach we Rhode Island and it's kind of a VT relaxing kind of feel in. And we just wrote the song is doing really well force we got a video out for it so we're happy. The chain Dunkin' band keep in mind that we're so so the whole what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas you shut that down you can well. Haven't Krispy Kreme statement at this I was here on. Lies a snooze bar. Generally go. Mom. Chain. Then and now. McCain. Okay. The last news. It is. Me. This man came in. Wind. Payment. It. Well I love it. Everybody Shane done demanding yes the regional morning. Can I have to tell you that the congress just play. I check my husband that are you listening to the beach and he's but yet I keep that yet that's just Jack. At Georgia and. I. And it's gonna be duly gem tonight it's Friday night's sound waves that's right it was I just can't say enough for you coming I know you had a gig last night and you were up late news that came an analyst. We really appreciate thank you for. You had to be right when Amma Jay Dominick is so yeah I noticed the changes I've made Paula Zahn tonight. So check them out tonight at at at 6 o'clock. I'm Ari any advice for anybody as sort of par earning is easy to around there isn't it. On Saturday oh beats come early. Get claim yours by you are not anonymous this the day to 3 o'clock always have an automatic sell out and can't wait to see if I'm reality hang it. Change Duncan antibodies. And I. Alex thanks tonight hunt for a lot of beach.