Kenny Talks with South Florida band, 30Vice

Friday, March 24th

Kenny talks with South Florida's newest band, 30vice this morning! Members Erie, Massiel and Jordan spent time with the morning show and played a couple songs for us live on the air! If you want to see them live they will be at Friday Night Soundwaves on Fort Lauderdale Beach on March 24th from 6pm to 9pm. For more information head over to the concert page on 102.7 The Beach's website. 


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Line every thirty price. Right now the rough. Even drink and then I'd get on me. As ridicule when you plug. Our music do you love this game and thirty nights tonight writing himself to tell you more about it. The. God help us and I are friends from thirty nicer here. And Miami. Judicious just got around the ruins. My aim here I'm Pia being anything your right Miami area on the drummers and I'm Jordan on the male lead vocalist you guys are very sexy. Thank you can hear and get ready to shoot around today suvs had on. And you had I known guys do curiouser and that's why say this to maybe come. It works if pay out you know out there ask your favorite coming up if you miss you get a hundred grand and try to give way to new this. Effort to challenge we get the dog aren't you guys have you seen holly. Yeah and how. Doors beautiful dog ever you we are trying to fight a home for hardly if you don't mind would would you guys be able to do like me a big favor us. I mean you guys tonight Friday night's sound waves you're gonna be thirty vice on the beach and Fort Myers is incredible concert tonight sir would it be possible I don't put on the spot and I'm gonna whip it wouldn't be positive I guess to sing a little bit and you'll suddenly you're live in the radio absolutely yeah I would turn us. Gabby you we won't know until we get to my side. And you get your instruments and ominous just stand back and let you guys do your things okay. Now I can jump fencing will be if you like your Lauren are. Our effort OK okay any dispute Upper Darby out of me than okay it's okay that's what I hear a lot on the BS you ready to sale of these gentlemen sit and Friday night's sound with fort Lauder who beached thirty vice Miami's very on. Is an original song it's called you should smile Nokia isn't doing. Read plan and carry out Kevin. That's a that's. See who live and LT. So you okay and that's assuming. Head down get comfortable. That's delicious did what concerns. This match ahead. Okay. I don't know. Oh look away which U and runaway best ever what's your favorite love movies you can do better. We connect did have a camera on the scene. Can go all everything to me you didn't. That's fast. But should that when you these are good and just imagine how. Moon. Yeah. Failing to. Okay. You know. You sure. Thirty vice you guys got through without me I love back. Besides there's nothing like live radio live music. Yes any are just my mouth was hanging open the whole talk you guys just like this like you do it every day. And we love and I sent tanks to dvd yet he's absolutely Dailey Dave David and out of us and why Xena and can't get to these in Baltimore today and nobody would probably want more songs right yeah. And you. I know you guys thirty vice whether review's William this morning tonight's fight in a sandwich on the beach Fort Lauderdale beach nothing like that concert series. They pick the best in South Florida and you guys are out there. I heard a rumor. Not it once again approach a spot to follow up is never good I I don't know. You're Cheryl minute there's something drawn up and go and move. He's. It details on it but we didn't fortunate enough to be cast for a major Hollywood film. And that's coming out of this embellish that's all we should say right now major like Miller how major like real major slightly major Hollywood franchise. Like if you said someone's name who's in the movie like a star island almighty god can laugh like you'd guess the movies a weekend yeah. Automatic the yeah I. You maggot it's amusing to hear is hey Jennifer love it how could you have let's give way a 100000 dollars and yes we'll do that just ahead on the great. Talk about music live music tonight on the beach Fort Lauderdale may one day in Los Solis Friday they tell us it's free concerts. It's cost me not the right I don't have a problem any cash out in the band's gonna be here thirty vice with us here. You guys that'll last performance he did was really really amazing and and it it I was nervous that you know. If you're not that good I have to step sentencing would it out yet and oh yeah luckily I have to do that but you have time to think. One more song for we garner. Earth guys who will. We would you guys wanna do what you guys look. Good you know that you guys you measure an oddity because you're you started out as a cover band. Now you're into your own stuff he got this movie thing on the horizon it's about to break where you. And you get nervous he's he's you think in my guess that's all right Melvin whoever is really exciting you're about to do a major arm motion pictures is thirty vice. Tonight Friday nights on waste and wood sunny Houston for. Okay. Hang Harry pride in it now it's having all of you is there anybody else or get some lost to mrs. Hi mom had a picnic. Hey have you here and I'll Lamar and I and our band mates that are Liz and over the Dallas in this league and anti emblazoned in eases things up and ready to work. And that's thirty by Syria. It's now Jose Carreras will come fast and we have to ask around. Saying it's not his young fans aren't the way you. They sent back on them being. How brutal day. Man it's. Not. Seeing its. And again it's. Saying this to me. Every snap today and they'll tell them face. That's. You. Few days the chance. Is it show that's not. Com. Well you. My little. There's a bit sad. Me in the face they sat nav and and need. It's amazing. Live music guitar you guys sing. Tight harmonies it was really really a treat children up for it's an omni. You know what I'm happy to be your warm. I'm totally fine with that can't we tonight remember. The beach Fort Lauderdale beach six to nine absolutely free. Thirty vice or do you think and you guys to be sound half as good tonight as you did today it's going to be a great show. And thanks and reduce the level more time.