Kenny Walker's "Brady Exclusive"

Tuesday, March 21st

The case of Tom Brady's missing jersey from the Super Bowl has been solved. The game worn jersey is vauled at $500,000. Kenny went live to Brady who was commenting on the scandal to reporters. 


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I everybody's Kenny walker thank you so much for listing in the show and here's one of our highlights syndication Tom Brady is missing Super Bowl Jersey has been solved. Brilliant we've heard about this after the super bullies in the area are doing interviews he's he's he's gonna where's lectures like within seconds it was gone. Definition memorabilia is worth it's usually you're saying Houston Police Department value of the jerseys 500000. Dollars. I'll take money from the sport out of the blue stuff. As it turns out the Jersey was found in Mexico. But to Jersey wasn't the only discovery to consummate the bruises and a bunch of other Super Bowl memorabilia including Tom Brady's Jersey from Super Bowl 49. Why Von Miller Denver Broncos helmet from Super Bowl fifteen last year. Polish up. All the items are in the process of being authenticated out of the it was apparently a Mexican journalist credentials guys. Name Marten Marie C Ortega he was a director who are huge Mexican newspaper until suddenly resigned last week who. One underlie things that make you go room and authority is a look at the game footage from fox. They went through all this and they saw marte get into the locker room any somber reaching the turn Embry he's bad. Manager that some of the Jersey no black plastic bag in his split. He's bad we're sitting here listening and maybe beyond and Bob the dessert yeah they had to go through 20000. People would credentials before they settle on this guy or ta get behind. Well this case I think she's doing this right now I know leave. These these lies to you why do we cut him yeah I ask Tom Brady Ed Ed Ed Tom Brady at a press conference right now let's go live to I believe it's Mexico City Tom Brady. Good morning everyone. Happy to say that my Super Bowl jerseys happy and recovered. And I want to thank all the law enforcement agencies in my mom's. So in closing I wanna say thank you everybody for recovering my Jersey. And let all the fan. We have the New England Patriots. Cannot go back to doing what we're in the mess that and that's she. Deflating for Boston OK and we'll send a secret cameras to watch the practice sessions on the other teams around. Let me leave you in these weren't just cheat sheet never.