Morning Show talks with Moska Project

Friday, June 23rd

This morning Moska Project joined Todd (who is in for Kenny this week) in the studio to perform some songs live on the air! Catch them tonight (June 23rd) at Friday Night Sound Waves on Fort Lauderdale Beach! 


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What do you avoid that means more music more fun for Friday night's sound waves is tonight on the slippery sandals Fort Lauderdale feet. Mosque project play tonight from six to nine bright guy yeah. There are rowdy indeed the players on the sport hinges the league guys. The car down and 02 point seven to be more music more funds over get ready for another great concert tonight this Friday night's sound waves. Every Friday night in the Summers free concert on this primary sick and the Fort Lauderdale beach while Solis an 818 tonight. Mosque projects in concert from six tonight and we happen to have them here now. It's okay. It's also fly which Damon found guilty Intel has been nice to meet you sir. This is Smart historians. And Intel Intel is going on any of the liaison personnel there aren't sharing what you call a mile and fiscal illegal. And every year and let's do it. Putin Putin. And and it's the pay window grand am okay zillow dot com show didn't. You got designated seen dancing around and thrown on. You want to sound one and then just want to make game you go through. That he was Sonny don't jump lands day dawns didn't. When you login must young big guys to landing I had to go from. Her body language ads asking you to do schibango follows through. And I use non bank and dance then you Maggie and Ed does. That you guys tell me don't tell that there's a god still booed and booed Mike it. Moon. I he's not a doubt on the morning. Okay. My stuff tonight that in a lot of big guys will come I really bridges man. Heads don't come under the Zimbabwean tonight in front led some ways Fort Lauderdale beach homes Cubans in Miami at the beach Miami does comes. And Ari here from. Friday night's sound wave hi Ari. How are you here is good and great food and an obese listeners and every I'm listening on that. Your Internet radio to visit us at Freddie and I found ways dot com. Great band out on Fort Lauderdale beach and I mosque project that is also weeks four of Florida restaurant lodging association and visit Florida's great feat to get away give away. So everybody is coming out to enjoy a stream music the sun in the sand mosque project can register with Southwest Airlines Neary airline ticket giveaway. And that candidate's website for more details to get nation remains in Miami Doug comes thank you I'll be there tonight. Guys are good. Right now we.