Stump The Millennial - April 10th

Monday, April 10th

Check out our newest game, Stump The Millennial! If you can guess how many she will answer correctly you could be taking home a prize! 


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I everybody's Kenny walker thank you so much really seen the show and here's one of our highlights what two point seven in beach. Time now for us. Have you can hear them but it's Goldstone the millennium. We cranked up the echo the removal of that little battery. I exist without. Alex report downy when Alex we ordered our thanks for college will ask producer Gabby three questions from the eighties. And if you can guess the exact number of questions gab he's an answer correctly. Mean you get tickets to Casey to censure and then hard rock live may twelfth. Alright well check out who she's a millennial. These are questions and maybe Arnold left the million or her because you know she doesn't know anything really before last week and we Nash is ultimately mile okay. My deck and did not find out our diet I'm kitten dry. I forgot all three right direction that's how many how many answers or she get correctly one. We got a lot of faith in you and I let's get started to question I want you yell in the eighties this cube shaped multi colored 3-D interlocking puzzle was all the rage what was it called Gabby. Excuse yeah. Odds are you. So that she made the whole face thinking how Smart I am allies have asked are we need to we need to get this who want him to movie was Kevin Costner trying to arrest notorious gangster Al Capone. Was it scar face the untouchables American gangster. And moos sorry what was that Al Pacino movie was. But he thought but yeah downright. This one need this and get this on for Allison went to exit. To see the one and only Casey the sentiment which of these artists Gandy was known for. Parachute pants. Total oak Rick James MC hammer and they and beat him yeah I. Hal thanks. You said she'd only get one she got through hard work and what it's do we get ballots because anyway. We should what a sweet girl won a slam later I had to do that. Just like JC well thank you so much.