Stump the Millennial with Mr. Nice Guy - May 19th

Friday, May 19th


The crew from Mr. Nice Guy stays to help out our Millennial Producer, Gaby, out in today's Stump the Millennial! 

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Like seven innings Danny did a lot of new airplanes come the millennial long wind mr. nice guy okay. The left yeah. Think it is getting little help this morning and none none none nobody else you know. And earlier all right and if you win the prize just dead here tickets do. IMAX theater and museum of discovery center Fort Lauderdale fabulous green as Gabby three questions. Okay how many of the frequency began we will get right here yeah turn. I'm confident this classic TV commercial featured two Brothers of the breakfast cereal. They're afraid to eat because it was healthy for the enlisted the help with a little brother you know Mikey did you beginning to busy aides everything. I came do you know the brand of Syria there's multiple choice for the one I guess yes. I should. This is getting the gas visit I can't serial life cereal or crispy critter serial ways why can't wait what are. ABC laughter. They read this piece. I'll tell me its own merit and I didn't think yesterday good. Life. That's cheaters Maria. OK and you know. Closer now that Demi you know there's an element yes they did OK question number itself. You need to get one right now right this office I. Keller was the actress' name she related to commercial real hamburgers Ollie and upon viewing let me finish eighth. They may use your fast food place and is a giant bundles and murder. And she goes where does that leave what was the brand of restaurants I know I'm playing these. Yeah. Don't look now and yes and then you got it right isn't because we're when he cheated here. I think you wanna try one more for fun any sort of how great Barry lets you visit in 1981. Ad campaign by the way today's data reviewed Intel's TV commercials politics and he'll just have looked at the camera and she says he knows comes between me and my blank. I think it was the product Victoria's Secret. Members only are counting on help me. When you pull your pants down. Think yeah. Hints he's gonna currency. Wow I finished the. Flashner. Mr. nice guy. The rain might imagine. About telling me underwear like cream hey may Jean's record job. Yeah. Did you and then they're reference though Markey mark I mean really. My guess is it. Thank your playing so.