Team Tami's Cancer Fight

Tuesday, February 7th

If you have a couple of bucks to give, to help out the mother of one of my favorite co-workers, Amanda, head over to their page. Anything helps.


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Two point seven the B 723 is Kenny work blocker we have the F. We have coworker with a coworker in the building and we say coworker that doesn't really do a man to justice now. Knew every building every every business has seen as an employee music couple gorgeous every day no matter what they come in smile saying everything's good penny knowing you're feeling awful Indiana crappy. You go by there on its head there are always what the best Amanda we love this is wonderful wonderful co worker. If she handles all armed a lot of our our online all the gas line has very graphic you see everything on line she's your creative and really cram that she's going through tough time right now. Her mom is. He's battling cancer right now so laden Amanda has set up this year sister go find me page. Take care of the Montana answers hash tag. Team Tammy T am I amazing mom battling cancer ten years now forty procedures. In the last three weeks can you imagine she's fighting in advance gauge of uterine cancer UPS seems very aggressive. Now it's spread to her stomach could spread to her lungs and and they had given up here at the point now they just said do you know what it's hospice is the only good golf. So I mean. I guess her mom just decided no I'm gonna give this one last fight. And and she's doing instead it's a last ditch effort. To try in the immunotherapy. Treatment but the insurance won't cover the cost so so they're trying to raise enough money. To get her this treatment so I listen I I I know everybody in the world leading up for money that you don't would have been good but you know. It's just. When yet. When you see her enemies for girl is coming into work every day go crazy she's between mom hospice. Her sister drops out of Florida State casino they just can't afford it. So to get a couple of bucks and I'm not talking about a zillion dollars we've got a couple bucks and yeah anyone anyone nice entry stuff. Bring your kids don't quite in the car right now plus side of the road you know it's the go find me it's not it's hash tag team Tammy TA MRI. We would really appreciate on behalf of a man to win the minimum we'd love to see.