Throwback Phone Scam

Tuesday, February 21st

A listener writes into the show asking for one of Kenny's old phone scams! 


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The only 102 point seven of speech and every once in awhile I'll get an email and it's one of those I just how. To bead on the air so want you to bear with me okay on this witnesses dear Kenny. I want you to know that I love your station and in this and every morning on my drive from Kendall to Doral. You keep me from losing my mind while I'm in traffic on the turnpike. I used to listen to you when I was in high school at sunset. And all my friends used to get in trouble when we were late for class because we would stay in the parking lot waiting for your candid phone scams. My favorite one is the lady who painted her house and you pretended to be that guy from the association. Who made her change the house color I remember that. If you could play that phone scam for me it would make my day Q Carolina in Kendall you don't think he can be. I'm thinking we call Carolyn up and let her know playing her phone scam do you think I think we shed. How low purely nick Kenney walker from one or two point seven the beach. I want you to know that I got your email thank you so much for for listening to our station and if you don't mind I would like to play. Your phone scam your candid phone scam right now for you. Yup we just dug that thing out of the archives. And it's good for your right now. Turn your radio this is for you on the beach. Is I would travel column president the architectural committee. I like these guys you work you do is Daniel house I. Anyone explain me what's up with the colleagues. Are you wanna explain what Starr is with the college you've chosen. I. It admitted forum. I mean the college you picked a hideous. Well and I've got a lot of complaints from some of the neighbors several of them in fact. What are you picking those hideous college spore. What are your name. You think Q would mean is that you then he gets snippy with me I'm the president of the architectural committee Ed Wood crab wall. Mr. crab well you think you're above the rules. Now actually I admit it on a lead out. You don't Asia region that we have all these rules so people don't come and pick ridiculously ugly college in the neighborhood. I think being a little dramatic here. Well I take my word that we seriously here I'm sure you do and I take it seriously is a well and that's why admitted format it was approved at the meeting. And that's slightly to proceed with the color but that would be totally in charge. But we can. I have to make some changes this is just not going to stand as. I don't care blogger. Well I am right that you don't air reported that it was approved. I. Hit approval from veto. I'm gonna have to take some of my people all they did today and repaint the house its symbol is back on notice and I you're touching my house. I'm gonna have to go over there and paid that I think what is that like I told sort of thing. Is that what you call it. And I can't meadow lark. Oh my god it's even more reason to change it meant a law. It dead Kenny walker. Do you read. And. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I doubt. Did you did you wanna kill me. And had a business. Eight I can't get people.