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The Three F's of Summer: Fried Fair Food!

Feast your eyes on some of the summer's best fried offerings

   Ahhhh Summer, the perfect time to get outside and fry something! It is, afterall, fair season... well, for the rest of the country. Our South Florida fairs seem to be held more in the winter months. I guess, then, there are more people, less rain, less lightning. All wins for the Carnie gods. But who cares about mullets when we're talking about fried food!?

  Since we're getting no fair food love at the moment, I thought we could all use a healthy dose of fried food porn -Check out Buzzfeed's heart-clogging list of 24 Fried Foods You Have Try Before You Die although there are some restaurants on the list and I bet you could recreate any number of these yourself.

   I'm ALL about the massive funnel cakes in South Carolina and sign me up TWICE for the fried bratwurst!

Have you had any of these? Dreaming of trying any? Which one(S)?! 

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